Our rapid mounting system for solar panels makes installers work easier 

The Markki Solar 2.0 system is designed to make life that little bit easier for installers. Thanks to the system’s mechanical quick-release mounting method, innovative rail and bracket design and stackable and easy-to-move rails, mounting is quick and easy, cutting installation time by up to half.

”Mounting is definitely quicker because less manual work is required on the roof, compared to other rail systems. The work is also more comfortable to carry out as the parts are fixed from above and there is no need to manoeuvre nuts and bolts underneath the rails.”

– Foreman Markus Rantavuori, Rasol Oy 

An automatic quick-release system means fewer screws

The rail does not need to be fixed separately to each roof bracket, with a single fixing bolt per rail sufficing. The rail locks onto the bracket automatically, and wind and snow do not affect the mechanism. The fixing bolt is only required to secure the rail so that it cannot move sideways.

Thanks to the quick-release system, the work carried out on the roof is faster and easier, which also improves occupational safety. Fewer screws and holes – on the roof and in the budget! 

You can check out the product data for the rail system’s mechanical performance. We have calculated guideline strength values for you.

An experienced roof expert knows the ins and outs of roofing systems 

The Markki Solar 2.0 solar panel mounting system is a result of decades of design and development work. It is based on the Markki Solar 1.0 rail technology, with improvements made on the basis of feedback from installers. The result is a durable, high-quality mounting system that is quick and safe to install. A patent for the system is pending.

A harmonised European product standard has yet to be introduced for solar panel mounting systems, but all Markki’s roof and roof safety products carry the CE marking. Markki’s products have also been granted the Key Flag label that indicates the Finnish origin of the product.

Installers are provided with precise installation instructions

Markki Solar 2.0 retailers discuss the system’s installation principles with installers and the system is delivered with detailed installation instructions. Markki also arranges training events for installers to provide information on the product’s properties and roof and ground mounting applications.