Innovative solar panel mounting system

Markki Solar 2.0

Fewer holes — in the roof and your wallet! 

The Markki Solar 2.0 solar panel mounting system saves time and money. The system’s tool-free, mechanical quick attachment even cuts the installation time of rails in half. The high-quality steel sheet rail outperforms aluminium profile rails in terms of features, yet its price is one-third more affordable. 

Up to 50 %

faster to install

Up to 30 %

more affordable

Markki Solar 2.0 is the professional’s choice – install more rails faster and profit more from each roof!  

The three-component rail system is easy to assemble

Three components: bracket, rail, and fasteners that snap all the parts together. 

A unique quick-release system saves a lot of installation time. 

The system is delivered in components that require only minimal assembly.  

Rails are stackable – easier to store and lift them to the roof. 

Suitable for all kinds of roofing materials.  

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A unique quick-release system makes installation easy 

The Markki Solar 2.0 solar system rails are designed to make the installer’s work easier. The mechanical quick-release system means that fewer screws are needed. Work is faster and safer – both for the installer and the roof!  

The system can be installed easily with a simple screwing method. The need for adhesive work is also reduced as the seals are pre-glued to the rails and brackets during manufacturing. 

Steel rails guaranteed to last 30 years 

Markki Solar 2.0 solar panel rails are made of high-quality steel sheets. Steel is a proven and durable material for rails. The aluminium used in the solar panels ensures corrosion-free results.  

The combination of high quality and affordability makes Markki Solar 2.0 solar panel rail system a cost-effective solution. 

Steel sheet is up to 30% cheaper than aluminium, making Markki Solar 2.0 solar panel rails a high-quality but affordable solution.  

Markki Solar 2.0 solar system rails have a 30-year technical guarantee!

Designed by the best roofing experts

Decades of solid expertise in roof safety products have gone into designing Markki Solar 2.0 solar panel rails. We also provide training for those who want to install the rail systems. 

Currently, there are no legal requirements defining the specifications for solar panel rails, so they do not have a CE marking. However, the technical features of Markki Solar 2.0 solar panel rails have been proven to meet the requirements set for other roofing and roof safety products. 

Ensure supply chain responsibility with Finnish labour and products

Markki Solar 2.0 products are manufactured in Kauhava. In Finland, these products are distributed by Sara Steel, with warehouses located in Pirkanmaa and Uusimaa. Markki’s products have been awarded the Finnish Key Flag symbol, which is a mark of a high-quality domestic product. 

Domestic production also guarantees excellent and prompt customer service in Finnish. It also significantly enhances the sustainability of solar power products, as transportation distances for materials are short, and the working conditions for employees are guaranteed to be great! 

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