Installation instructions 

The Markki Solar 2.0 mounting system is easy to install. You will receive clear installation instructions with the product, but the following six handy tips will get you started!

Dimension the system in line with the roof’s size and profile. Make sure that the product is suitable for the application and easy to position on the roof. Markki Solar 2.0 is suitable for all roof types and both flat and pitched roofs.

First, fix the pre-assembled roof brackets to the roof in accordance with the instructions using brackets designed for the roofing material.

Twist the rails into position on the brackets. The bracket’s unique design makes it easy to spot when the rail is in place.

Secure the rails in place with mounting screws. You need at least one screw per rail, depending on the rail length.

Fix the panels to the rails with the panel clamps. Install the inverter and cables. Then, connect the solar power plant to the electricity network and enjoy the sun!