Markki Solar 2.0 – an innovative solar panel mounting system 

The Markki Solar 2.0 solar panel mounting system consists of three components: clamps, rails and brackets.

The unique design of the system’s rail profiles and brackets contribute to an innovative mounting method where the rail does not have to be mounted separately to each roof bracket, and a single bracket suffices to hold the rail securely in place. This helps save a considerable amount of time at the installation stage.

The mounting system is pre-assembled at the factory as far as possible, minimising the number of parts that need to be assembled and fixed during installation. The system is also delivered with all the seals fixed to the elements.

The components are made from galvanised steel using state-of-the-art machinery. When required, the components are powder-coated on an automated painting line. The painted rail system is not only stylish but also weatherproof even in changeable conditions.

Roof brackets

From our range, you can find brackets specifically designed for each roof type. We offer designated mounting systems for flat and pitched roofs.

  • Mechanical seam and snap-lock seam roofs: the brackets are clamped on the seams and no holes are required in the roof.
  • Tiled roofs: the brackets are placed underneath the roofing material from above the tile and fixed to the roof battens with screws. 
  • Metal roofs: the brackets are fixed to the roof structures through the roofing sheets with screws.
  • Felt roofs: the brackets are either fixed to the roof structures through the felt sheets with screws or with a separate mounting sheet, which is fixed to the roof by welding a piece of felt over the sheet.  


The rails are dimensioned in line with the panel width. We offer rails that are suitable for one, two or three panels and can be joined together to create a rail of the desired length.

The shortest standard rail is 1,310 millimetres long and the longest is 3,518 millimetres.

We also make rails to measure. At the moment, the maximum rail length is 4,000 millimetres.


Solar panels are mounted on the rail with easy-to-use, quick-release steel clamps.

Steel offers a corrosion-resistant solution for roofs

All parts of the Markki Solar 2.0 system are made of steel. As a material, steel is more durable, easier to machine and generally more cost-efficient than aluminium, which is traditionally used as a material for mounting systems.

The steel is either hot galvanised or given a Mangelis coating, depending on the application. Steel mounting systems are suitable for areas with an environment rating of C1–C4. For challenging C5 conditions, we offer mounting systems with a zinc-magnesium coating applied with the powder coating technique.

Galvanic corrosion does not occur in appropriately treated steel rails because their material is very close to aluminium in terms of their electrode potential. The Markki Solar 2.0 mounting system comes with a 30-year technical guarantee.

A safe and tested mounting system made in Finland

All the components of the Markki Solar 2.0 system are made at our factory in Kauhava. Most of the materials we use come from Finland and the rest are sourced from elsewhere in Europe.

A patent application is pending for the Markki Solar 2.0 mounting system. The product has been tested for snow and wind load impacts, for example, and it meets all the requirements set for roof safety products.