Markki Oy

Ollinkankaantie 108
62420 Kortesjärvi

tel. +358 40700 2198

Contact information

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Billing information

Please also note that no material other than invoices will be sent to these billing addresses, but you can send any other matters related to invoices to

For further information, please contact

Maria Vähälummukka, Finance Manager
tel. +358 50 4707 243

Online invoice

If you are not able to send an e-invoice, please send your invoices either.
by e-mail or by sending them to our invoice scanning service.

Business ID: 0115769-1
e-invoice operator: NDEAFIHH (Nordea)
OVT ID: 003701157691

Paper invoices and scanning service

Markki Oy
PL 1000

A letter sent to the scanning service may only contain one invoice.
The invoice address must also be on the invoice itself so that the scanning service can correctly allocate the invoice.

E-mail invoices

If you send invoices by email, please note the following:

  • The invoice must not have other addresses as recipients.
  • In the invoice title, enter the invoice + invoice number “invoice 123456”.
  • The invoice must be included in the message as a separate PDF file.
  • Only one invoice may be included in the email.